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frozen chicken breast instant pot

frozen chicken breast instant pot

frozen chicken breast instant pot

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what is instant pot in frozen chicken breast instant pot?

It is a brand of multicookers, which are made by Instant Brands. The multicookers are electronic controlled, combined pressure cookers and slow cookers. The original cookers are marketed as 6-in-1 or more appliances designed to simplify the preparation and cooking of food by combining them into one. It has since been expanded to include non-pressure slow cookers, sous-vide immersion circulators, blenders, air fryers, rice cookers, and blenders.

frozen chicken breast instant pot
frozen chicken breast instant pot

history of instant pot

In 2009, Robert Wang, Yi Qin, Dongjun Wang, and another friend, all former employees of Nortel in Ottawa, Canada, started working on designs for the Instant Pot. It is believed that Robert Wang invented the Instant Pot. This model is credited as the inventor of the Instant Pot, and it operates as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, sauté/searing pan, steamer, and food warmer in addition to other things.

In July 2015, the Instant Pot Smart-60 cooker was recalled, affecting about 1,140 units in Canada and the United States. The defect caused electrical current to leak, which could potentially shock the product’s user. It has been reported that four cases of electric shock have taken place before it was recalled.

Due to a manufacturing issue, five production runs of Instant Pot Gem 65 8-in-1 Multicookers were recalled in February 2018 because they were overheating and melting, as a result of an issue during production.

A private equity firm, Cornell Capital, owns Corelle Brands, which owns kitchen brands such as Pyrex, Corelle, Corningware and SnapWare, which was acquired by Instant Pot in April 2019 for an undisclosed amount of money. As The Spoon reports, “(The deal) makes the company the first kitchen tech unicorn of this generation”. The company was then renamed Instant Brands after the merger.

After high interest rates and waning access to credit hit Instant Brands’ cash position and caused its debts to become unsustainable, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 12, 2023.


There is no better way to cook frozen chicken than to use your pressure cooker! Read on to get all the tips and tricks you need to ensure that your pressure cooker makes perfectly juicy chicken breasts every time you use it.

The truth is, even the most organized person has a tendency to forget things. If you need dinner on the table fast, but you forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer, your Instant Pot will be your best friend.

It is possible to cook frozen meat safely in an Instant Pot because pressure cooking cooks foods quickly. Unlike slow cookers that may allow frozen food to stay in a dangerous temperature range for too long, an Instant Pot will bring frozen food to a safe temperature in a short amount of time.


I can’t tell you how surprised you’ll be when you discover how perfectly moist and delicious frozen chicken turns out when you cook it in your Instant Pot!

Obviously, when you are knowing how to cook frozen chicken in an Instant Pot, then you can stock up on your chicken breasts when they are on sale and freeze them for later. When you are ready, you can cook the chicken from frozen without having to defrost it first. It is so quick and easy!

As you may know, chicken breasts are one of my favorite foods to meal prep for the week. I use my Instant Pot to cook a batch of chicken breasts at the beginning of the week so I can use them for quick lunches and dinners through the week. This way I can prepare healthy meals on a limited time basis.

frozen chicken breast instant pot
frozen chicken breast instant pot


The cooked chicken breasts should be sliced and served with rice or potatoes and vegetables.

The addition of cooked chicken breasts to salads is also an excellent way to add lean protein to your diet.

You can shred cooked chicken and use it to make tacos, enchiladas, chicken salad and more.

way of cooking frozen chicken breast instant pot

There will be overcooked chicken on the edges and raw chicken in the center if your chicken breasts are frozen together in one big mass. If they are not, you will end up with overcooked chicken on the edges and raw chicken in the center. When the chicken breasts are frozen together, you need to place them in cool water until they have thawed enough to be able to separate them from each other. As much as possible, I always freeze my chicken breasts flat in zip-top bags in order to prevent them from sticking together when they freeze.

The frozen chicken breasts should be placed in the inner pot of the Instant Pot at the bottom.

In a medium saucepan, bring 1 cup of chicken broth to a boil. You can use water, but chicken broth produces a more flavorful chicken.

Salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, dried oregano and paprika are all excellent choices for seasoning the chicken. Sprinkle the seasoning over the top of the chicken after it has been cooked for about 20 minutes.

after that…

It is recommended that you place the lid on the Instant Pot and close it. The steam release valve should be set to the “sealing” position.

You can cook frozen chicken in the Instant Pot by pressing the “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” button and using the +/- buttons to set the cooking time. Please see below for my guide on how long to cook frozen chicken in the Instant Pot. The cooking time will vary based on the size of the individual pieces of chicken.

As soon as the Instant Pot has reached pressure, the cooking cycle will start automatically. It will take about ten minutes for the Instant Pot to reach pressure, and then the cooking cycle will start counting down.

The Instant Pot will beep a few times when the cooking time has ended. Once the cook cycle has ended, the Instant Pot will beep a few times. Once the pressure has been released naturally for 10 minutes, leave the Instant Pot alone. It will show the following when the display reads L0:10. Check that the float valve (pin) has dropped down and then carefully open the Instant Pot lid after turning the steam release valve to the venting position to release any remaining steam and pressure.

Make sure that the internal temperature of the chicken is at least 165 degrees F with an instant read thermometer. If it is not, see the section below: What to do if the chicken is not cooked.

In order to ensure that your chicken remains moist, let it rest for 5 minutes before slicing or shredding it. The resting time allows the juices to redistribute throughout the flesh of the chicken.

frozen chicken breast instant pot
frozen chicken breast instant pot


It is often asked if there is a need to double the cooking time when you double a recipe in the Instant Pot. The answer is no.

Although the size of each individual chicken breast does matter, a larger chicken breast will require a longer cook time than a smaller chicken breast, since the thicker pieces take longer to cook through compared to a smaller piece.

To find out how much chicken breasts weigh, you can use a kitchen scale. To calculate how much chicken breasts weigh, divide the total weight of your package by the number of chicken breasts in your package. For example, if your package of chicken weighing 1.5 pounds (24 ounces) and contains three chicken breasts of similar size, each breast weighs approximately 8 ounces.


Bone-in chicken breasts will take longer to cook. Always cook bone-in chicken breasts at high pressure. The amount of time it takes to cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts depends on the weight and thickness of the breasts.

When you are cooking frozen foods, it will take longer for your Instant Pot
to reach pressure as compared to cooking non-frozen foods. When the contents of your Instant Pot are cold (as they are with frozen chicken), it takes a long time to heat up and pressurize. Therefore, while the pot is coming to pressure, frozen chicken needs an additional few minutes of cooking time.

As soon as the cook time has ended, allow the pressure to naturally release for 10 minutes. During this time, the chicken will continue to cook.

frozen chicken breast instant pot
frozen chicken breast instant pot


There will be 1.5 pounds of frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts, about three 8-ounce breasts per pound

A cup of low sodium chicken broth or water with 1 teaspoon of salt

Pepper and salt to taste

The seasonings can be added as desired, such as garlic powder, dried oregano, or paprika, if desired

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