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package available for clearance

package available for clearance

package available for clearance

When a FedEx package is available for clearance, what does it mean? How long does it take to clear my package in the customs department, or when will it arrive at its destination? These are some of the most common questions that most of us would like to know. now solsarin is here to answer you.


Here’s what FedEx means when it says package available for clearance. Let’s begin.

Clearing it and delivering the package usually takes a few hours during normal business hours.

As soon as the shipment documents are delivered to customs, you can have the package cleared by your country’s or region’s customs authorities.

package available for clearance
package available for clearance

As it turns out, it’s not as easy as people hope! It also depends on the local business hours and holidays, as well as the local business policies.

It is important to note that when FedEx packages are ready for clearance, the transit agents will begin working on them as soon as they receive them.

FedEx Package Available for Clearance Means status generally takes a few hours for a package to reach FedEx Package Available for Clearance Means status.

What exactly does ‘FedEx Package available for Clearance’ mean?

In the event that you receive a notification that says “Package available for clearance”, it means that the shipment has been cleared for delivery to the final destination.

The important procedures involved with international shipments in terms of scanning, paperwork, and customs clearance are now complete, meaning that the item is ready to be delivered to its final destination after completing the necessary procedures in terms of scanning, paperwork, and customs clearance.

As soon as you see the message “Package available for clearance”, you can be sure that your package will be in the hands of your recipient very soon.

package available for clearance
package available for clearance

Getting a FedEx package cleared – what’s the process?

Many cross-border packages are handled by carriers such as FedEx every day.

To ensure smooth delivery of items, efficient processes have been put in place for customs clearance on each.

Items are sorted and scanned at a FedEx hub, and important international shipment information is entered into a worldwide manifest database before your package is put on a plane.

It is accessed and operated by brokers and Customs officials around the world, so clearance procedures can be undertaken while your package is in transit.

Cutting Edge Communications & Technology

As a result of real-time data, customs agents at the destination airport of entry are able to examine shipping manifests, assess duties and taxes, and select order numbers for review upon arrival.

All of this can be done while the item is in the aircraft’s hold.

By the time most packages reach the airport, they have been cleared by customs.

FedEx Expressclear scans the items as they are unloaded to identify any packages that need to be checked.

There will be “cleared” Customs labels attached to all those that are “available for clearance” and they will be transferred to the trucks for immediate delivery.

There is no doubt that this is a highly efficient system. It ensures that international packages continue to flow from sender to recipient without interruption.

package available for clearance
package available for clearance

More Details of the Customs Process

How does the customs process work?

In the past, I’ve had a watch held up in customs when I ordered it from Singapore to the U.K.

My watch was being stored in a customs warehouse (waiting for clearance) and storage fees would be applied.

In all honesty, it was annoyingly stressful. I would have preferred it if the sender had used FedEx.

Anyway, what exactly happens when your package goes through customs?

The Purpose of Customs?

As a government agency, customs is responsible for inspecting shipments and collecting duties & taxes on shipments between countries, as well as ensuring that no prohibited items are being shipped or received.

The clearance of each and every item is carried out by government officials at the shipping port or airport.

In accordance with international shipping laws, fees and taxes may apply (as they did in my watch’s case) and will need to be paid in order to receive clearance.

package available for clearance
package available for clearance

What happens if you don’t pay customs tax?

What will happen if custom duty is not paid? Further, if you don’t pay customs duty goods within a specified period,

Customs have the right to auction the goods and recover the duty owed to Customs.

and other expenses (such as auction expenses, freight etc.) to other stakeholders.

How do I make a payment to FedEx?

You can make a payment to FedEx using the following methods:

  1. FedEx eInvoicing. Your electronic business advantage.
  2. Electronic Bank Transfer (EFT) To make a payment by EFT please submit your payment to the following:
  3. Credit Card / Debit Card. We’re pleased to accept payment by all major credit.
  4. Important!
  5. Direct Debit.

What happens once Customs is cleared?

FedEx will notify you once your package is ready for final delivery once it has cleared customs.

Will USPS accept FedEx packages for final delivery?

If your item has cleared customs for delivery, it may be delivered via USPS if the delivery address is within the United States. However, this may require special arrangements with the recipient if the delivery address is within the United States.

Final Words

As a general rule, FedEx Package Available For Clearance means all customs clearance procedures for an item have been completed.

As soon as your package is delivered to its final destination, FedEx will notify you of its status.

For some regions or FedEx subsidiaries, you may be charged a price for a normal customs clearing service. For international orders to FedEx direct served locations, additional clearance service costs may apply.

FedEx’s overall customs value for these supplementary clearing service fees will appear as distinct line items on your customs duty invoice.

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