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health sciences institute scam

health sciences institute scam

health sciences institute scam

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health sciences institute scam
health sciences institute scam

Health Sciences Institute Reviews

The Health Sciences Institute (HSI), found online at, describes themselves as an independent organization that is dedicated to “uncovering” the most urgent advances in underground medicine.

How Does It Work?

The Health Sciences Institute provides their members with a monthly online publication which will highlight information on breakthroughs in medicine.

tell them where they can learn more, and help them understand how they can personally benefit from these discoveries.

They will also offer their members specialized reports which offer more in-depth coverage of the health topics they simply highlight in their monthly reports.

Some of these extra reports will be provided as free bonuses, while other times they will be extras available for purchase.

And even though HSI says their team of writers is made of doctors and specialists from all over the world.

the website does say that no information provided by this publication should be seen as personal medical advice or instruction.

and all readers should consult the appropriate health professionals before choosing to take any of their advice or recommendations and putting it into effect.

Cost/Price Plans

The website says that customers can choose one of two subscription types, either their regular twelve month subscription which costs $74.00, or their subscription specifically for seniors, which is provided at $37.00 but is described as also being a twelve month subscription which also offers all the same bonus gifts as the regular subscription.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately this website does not provide any information on refunds or on their members’ ability to cancel their subscription. They do say that once you purchase a subscription, your subscription will automatically be renewed every year and your credit card will be charged again, though they do say it will be with the lowest possible subscription fee available at the time.

health sciences institute scam
health sciences institute scam

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-213-0764 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


There are many, many different problems that people should consider before paying for a subscription to this publication.

The first problem is the blatant fearmongering they use to promote their product, with claims of “government conspiracies” .

and threats of deadly medications which might be in your medicine cabinet “right now.” If you have access to legitimate health.

and wellness research and information

you should not need to scare people into listening to you.

Another problem is that they frequently advertise their “free books” and “free products”.

but no one can receive access to these “free” items until they pay for a year-long subscription to this publication.

which is $74.00 for the average subscriber and is more than you would normally pay a single book.

Following from this problem is the fact that their website does not provide any information regarding cancellations or refunds.


health sciences institute scam
health sciences institute scam

which essentially means that no refunds will be given.

But really the biggest issue is that HSI spends lots of time and effort attempting to scare you into following their medical recommendations.

when they freely admit that people should follow the advice and treatment of their doctors, and should not interpret their information as “personal medical advice.”

This is simply an unethical way of providing information to people, especially when it comes to issues of health and medical care.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other websites, publications, and organizations which claim to offer people “underground medical information”.

and effective alternatives to traditional medical treatments, like, Natural Health Sherpa, Logical Health Alternatives,, and many others.

If you have experience with the Health Sciences Institute or their products, please leave your reviews below.


Health, according to the World Health Organization, is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

[1] A variety of definitions have been used for different purposes over time. Health can be promoted by encouraging healthful activities, such as regular physical exercise and adequate sleep.

[2] and by reducing or avoiding unhealthful activities or situations, such as smoking or excessive stress.

Health Sciences Institute

Turns out the video has some life-saving information about how the government is lying to you. The video is filled with scare tactics about miracle cures for a variety of diseases that Big Pharma, Obama and the FDA don’t want you to know about.

The video is narrated by Jenny Thompson, who is th

health sciences institute scam
health sciences institute scam

e director of the Health Sciences Institute, which describes itself as “an independent organization, dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in modern underground medicine.”

In the video, Thompson explains that there are several “real cures and treatments — bona fide miracles — for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and more.” But “King Obama and his FDA thugs are all about making money,” so you can’t have them.

Thompson then introduces “H-86,” which she describes as a cancer cure that:

  • Kills cancer cells quickly
  • Can Vaporize cancer in six weeks
  • Has the toxicity of a slice of white bread, so there are NO SIDE EFFECTS
  • Is a powerful cure…totally different from chemotherapy
  • Chokes the life out of cancer

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