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how to remove drawers from broyhill dresser

how to remove drawers from broyhill dresser

how to remove drawers from Broyhill dresser

Hello dear friends, In this post on Solsarin we’re mentioning “how to remove drawers from Broyhill dresser”

how to remove drawers from broyhill dresser
how to remove drawers from Broyhill dresser

Broyhill is a furniture company that produces high-quality furniture. The dressers often come with a small plastic latch along with the runner of the drawer track. This latch prevents you, or small children, from pulling the dresser drawers out completely. You can release the latch and remove the drawers easily.

Easy Steps To Remove/Get Rid Of Drawers From Broyhill Dresser

Broyhill is one of the popular furniture companies that usually crafts high-grade furnishing items. The Broyhill dresser consists of the latch that helps in pulling out the dresser drawers completely. The users may require some finishing tasks like cleaning and tilting in order to detach the drawers from the Broyhill dresser. The detaching of the drawers can be a hectic task but the users can easily detach the drawers by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Pull Out The Drawers: The users need to start by pulling the drawer outwards in halfway and detaching all the items that are placed inside the drawer.
  • Empty The Other Drawers: The users are advised to pull out all the drawers in a slow manner and if the users find out that the drawer is getting caught up somewhere then they need to pull the drawers out forcefully and then empty the other drawers as well.
  • Locate The Plastic Latch: Then the users need to stand at the right phase of the dresser and then pull out the drawer as much out as they can and then they need to reach their left hand inside the dresser at the backside of the dresser. The users then need to feel the track of the drawer in order to locate the tiny plastic latch respectively.
  • Detach The Drawers: Then they need to push the latch in the inward direction towards the track in order to liberate it.

How do you remove a dresser drawer from a Broyhill dresser?

There are several drawer guide styles, but the most common one – especially on furniture made more than a few years ago – uses a single track under the center of the drawer. To remove the drawer, pull the drawer out until it stops. Now there are two possibilities.

1. Look under the bottom edge to see if you can see (or feel) either a white ‘half moon’ stop or a white plastic lever. If you find these, they can be depressed so the drawer can come to the rest of the way out. To re-install the drawer, engage the guide on the bottom of the drawer with the guide in the dresser and push the drawer back into the case. You will probably feel some resistance as the drawer passes over the detent.

2. If you don’t see any white detent part, grasp the drawer with a hand on each side of the side panels of the drawer close to the front of the case and give it a sharp pull. It should pass over a friction detent and come out of the case. Re-install as above. If your drawer has side guides rather than the center guide, please contact the Broyhill Consumer Center.

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How to Remove Drawers

Every now and then, certain cleaning and moving tasks may require you to manually remove the drawers from a cabinet, dresser, or similar piece of furniture. Removing drawers is a cinch in most cases, but the process can vary a bit depending on the type of drawer you’re working with. Most wood-glide and free-rolling drawers will come straight out with a little bit of force or a tilt at the right angle. For drawers with stopping mechanisms like stabilizer screws or anti-tip cables, you’ll need to remove the screws holding the drawer in place before you can finish pulling it out.

1. Coaxing out Wood-Glide and Free-Rolling Drawers

1.1) Pull the drawer out as far as it will go.

Stand in front of the piece of furniture, take hold of the handle or knob on the front panel, and begin sliding the drawer out until it stops moving. If the drawer doesn’t have a stopper, it should come right out. If you encounter resistance, you’ll need to move the drawer around a little in order to work it free.

  • Most drawers contain some type of stopping mechanism designed to keep them from falling out accidentally. In free-rolling drawers, the stopper is typically a small raised lip on the front side of the interior track.
  • Be sure to keep enough space between you and the front of the drawer to allow it to extend all the way out.

1.2) Tilt the front of the drawer downward.

how to remove drawers from broyhill dresser
how to remove drawers from broyhill dresser

Push down on the sides of the drawer so that the back end lifts slightly. This will cause the wheels or lip on the back edge to raise up higher than the stopper at the front of the track, making it possible to pull the drawer out the rest of the way.

  • You may need to rock or jostle the drawer to help free the wheels from the track. Be careful not to get too rough with it, though, or you could damage it or its attached hardware.

1.3) Finish pulling the drawer straight out.

how to remove drawers from broyhill dresser
how to remove drawers from Broyhill dresser

Once the wheels or back edge are past the stopper, all you have to do is slide the drawer off of the track and out of the opening in the piece of furniture. Set the drawer aside on a flat, stable surface and repeat the process for any additional drawers you wish to remove.

  • If you’re still having trouble getting the drawer out, there’s a chance that it may be equipped with another type of stopping mechanisms, such as levers or stabilizer screws.

2. Freeing Metal-Glide Drawers with Levers

2.1) Open the drawer and identify the track levers along the outer walls.

You should see a lever on each side of the drawer, right around the center of the track. These levers may either be straight or slightly curved. Their job is to prevent the drawer from being removed until they’re disengaged.

  • Be careful not to get your fingers caught in the overlapping tracks as you open the door.
  • Full-extension slide tracks, which are often found on 12 in (30 cm) drawers, most often have straight tabs. Three-quarter-extension slide tracks, which are more common on 6 in (15 cm) box drawers, tend to have curved track levers.

2.2) Press down on both levers simultaneously.

The best way to do this is to use your thumbs or forefingers to disengage the levers while supporting the drawer from the bottom with your remaining fingers. That way, you won’t drop the drawer if it comes off of its track unexpectedly.

  • Use your left hand to press the lever on the lefthand side of the drawer and your right hand to press the lever on the righthand side of the drawer
  • Some track levers may need to be pulled up rather than pushed down. However, this configuration is somewhat rare.

2.3) Pull the drawer straight out while holding down the levers.

Continue sliding the drawer towards you, making sure to keep both levers disengaged. When it reaches the end of its tracks, it should lift straight out. Remove any subsequent drawers from the piece in the same manner.

  • When you’re ready to put the drawer down, place it on a flat, sturdy surface.

3. Disassembling Drawers with Stabilizer Screws

3.1) Slide the drawer out and locate the stabilizer screws at the end of the tracks.

You’ll find these screws on the bottom portion of each track. They’re used to secure the 2 halves of the track, the top of which doubles as a catch tab to hold the drawer in place.

  • If the drawer you’re attempting to remove has metal tracks but no screws at the end, they may be metal glide drawers with levers. See if you can find a pair of track levers to press that will then let you pull the drawer free.

3.2) Use an appropriate screwdriver to remove the stabilizer screws.

Turn the screws to the left (counterclockwise) to loosen them, then pull them free from the holes in the track hardware. Set both screws aside somewhere you won’t lose them.

3.3) Lift up on the catch tabs to separate the 2 halves of the track.

Pull up on both tabs simultaneously. As you do, the top half of the track will come away from the bottom half, permitting the drawer to open past the stopping mechanism.

  • There should be enough of a lip on the catch tabs for you to easily grip them between your thumb and forefinger.

3.4) Pull the drawer out the rest of the way.

Without letting go of the catch tabs, guide the drawer off of its tracks. Hold it as straight as possible and move it in alignment with the tracks to prevent it from sticking. Once it’s clear, set it down carefully and move on to the next drawer.

  • If you’re going to be removing multiple drawers, check the lip on the righthand side interior of each drawer for a small number decal. These indicate which drawer goes where, which will make it much easier to return them all to their proper place.
  • To reinstall a drawer with stabilizer screws, simply work in reverse: align the door with the track, lower the catch tab over the track’s bottom half, then thread and tighten the screws.

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