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jack russell old age problems

jack russell old age problems

Dog owners care about the age and health of their beloved pet. Jack Russell terriers are energetic and active dogs. However, getting old is a universal truth to all living creatures.
It is my hope to discuss Jack Russell old age problems so that they can be properly cared for.There are many health problems that Jack Russells are susceptible to as they age,
including dental issues,obesity, deafness, partial or complete blindness, epilepsy, wobbler syndrome, cognitive dysfunction syndrome, arthritis, and diabetes.

You will learn how and what to do about the most common age-related problems that Jack Russell Terriers face as they age.stay with solsarin  to know about this smart and funny dog!

jack russell old age problems
jack russell old age problems

At what age is Jack Russell becoming a senior?

it is common for Jacks to remain active and energetic well into old age. At 10 – 12 years old, they become seniors. As they age, you will see some senior behavior in them .When Jacks
get older, they tend to become more loving and spend more time with their owners. Even just looking at them implies this. As Jacks age, they become more patient and silent.
Their temper will also fade away. This attitude is often attributed to Jack Russells’ old age, but don’t wo

rry! They have just matured enough to understand things differently.

jack russell old age problems
jack russell old age problems

Signs your Jack Russell is getting old

When your Jack Russell reaches its senior years, you may notice signs that they are starting to feel their age. Things to look for are;

Mood change

Jack Russells may start to become grumpy and impatient. They may growl or bark at things that they did not previously bother.

Please give them their space if you notice this. The last thing you want is for them to snap at a child or get into a fight with another pet.

Want to be on their own more

Usually, Jack Russells like to be around people. However, you may find that they are escaping to another room or outside to avoid being bothered. Again, give them space and have
your vet check them out to make sure they’re not in pain.

jack russell old age problems
jack russell old age problems

Sleeping more

In general, dogs sleep a lot. Your Jack Russell probably sleeps 12 to 14 hours a day. As they reach old age, they may sleep for most of the day and night.

Become less active as a result

There will be times when a Jack Russell will not seem to have the same energy level. However, it is important to ensure they still get daily exercise. Exercise is important as older
Jack Russells tend to put on weight. Keeping their joints and muscles active is critical to keeping them supple and strong. Exercise an older dog is a tricky balance. Too much exercise
and they may become sore. Insufficient exercise may result in weight gain and loss of condition.

jack russell old age problems
jack russell old age problems

Jack Russell old age health issues

The Jack Russell Terrier breed is robust and generally healthy. There are, however, some health issues common to older dogs. Consult your vet if you suspect something is wrong
with your older Jack Russell.

These are some of the potential health issues your old Jack Russell may develop:

Problems with the teeth

It is normal for their teeth to wear and tear over time. If their mouth smells bad, they may have rotten or broken teeth.

jack russell old age problems
jack russell old age problems

Overweight and obesity

As a result of being less active and overeating, Jack Russells can gain weight. It’s best to switch them to a senior dog food formula and reduce dog treats. It is important to ensure
that senior dogs receive exercise to help manage their weight. Senior dog food formulas will contain fewer calories as well as supplements like glucosamine to support their joints.


It is not uncommon for older dogs to have seizures and develop epilepsy. I had an old dog that developed this. With medication, it can be managed.


It is important to consult your vet for treatment and management of diabetes, which is caused by low insulin levels in the blood and urine.

Wobbler Syndrome

It is a neurological disease that causes episodes of shaking in dogs. It affects the spine near the dog’s neck.

Tracheal Collapse

 This is when the tracheal cartilage collapses causing serious difficulty breathing.


Blindness can be partial or total

Hearing loss

There is a partial loss of hearing in either or both ears or complete deafness.

Joint pain and arthritis

Although arthritis cannot be cured and will likely worsen over time, it can be managed.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS)

Similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans, dogs’ awareness, perception, and memory can begin to decline at this point.

jack russell old age problems
jack russell old age problems

Especially at this stage of your dog’s life, it is crucial that you consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns or questions about your dog’s health.

Feed a Senior dog food

A dog food formulated specifically for senior dogs will provide fewer calories, different levels of protein, and other essential ingredients for joint health and immunity.

Encourage exercise

It is important to exercise your Jack Russell even when they are old. Too much exercise may leave them sore, while not enough may result in stiffness.

Keeping their joints and muscles strong and mobile will help them lose weight.

jack russell old age problems
jack russell old age problems

Provide a safe space

It is important to provide an area where older dogs can go so they are not bothered by people, children, or other animals in the house. A dog crate with the dog open, their bed, and
some toys are perfect.

Stimulate their mind

Just as in humans, if you don’t use it, you lose it. This will also benefit your senior Jack Russell psychologically by preventing boredom and depression.

Floor Surfaces

In order to help old dogs get up and walk on slippery surfaces, put down mats. Make sure their claws are maintained as well. They need to be able to use these paw pads.

Provide steps to avoid jumping

If your Jack Russell is allowed on the furniture, you should provide him with some dog stairs to make it easier for him to jump up onto it. Jack Russells are usually pretty good at jumping
up onto the sofa or bed. However, as they age, they become more difficult to do so.

Keep them warm

Old dogs can become stiff and uncomfortable during colder weather; keep the room temperature a little warmer for them. You can also put a jacket on your Jack Russell.

Check your physical health

While brushing or giving them a massage, physically run your hands over your Jack Russell to check for lumps or changes. If you notice anything that concerns you, consult your

Tips for blind dogs

Whether your older Jack Russell dog is losing their eyesight or is completely blind, there are many ways to make their life easier. Dogs use their sense of smell as their primary sense and
can live happily even without their eyesight.

As a first step, consider making their environment safe and easy to navigate. Remove any potential hazards and limit access to harmful areas. Also, don’t move furniture. Your blind dog
expects certain objects and furniture to be in a certain place once it has mapped its surroundings.

Arthritis tips

As dogs age, most develop arthritis. Arthritis can’t be cured, but there are ways to make them more comfortable. The first step is to consult your veterinarian, who can prescribe pain relief if needed.

Final Thoughts

Jack Russells’ old age problems are not always severe. They can affect your dog’s well-being to some extent, but this can be managed.  You can make Jackie’s old years bright by engaging
them in lots of physical activity while they’re still young.

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