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qvc Shannon smith

qvc Shannon smith

qvc Shannon smith

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Shannon smith

In addition to being an American Journalist and TV personality, Shannon Smith also works for House Shopping Network (HSN) as a host and anchor. She has also worked on several shows in the Midwest where she has been an Executive Producer, a Writer and a Host. When she began her journalism career, she worked as an Entertainment Reporter.


As an initialism of its former name, Home Shopping Network, HSN is an American free-to-air television network, which is owned by Qurate Retail Group, which also owns the catalog company Cornerstone Brands. HSN was based in the Gateway area of St. Petersburg, Florida, with its headquarter located in downtown St. Petersburg.

qvc Shannon smith
qvc Shannon smith

History of HSN

the forerunner of HSN was launched by Lowell Paxson (who later established PAX-TV, which is now Ion Television) and Roy Speer in 1982 as the Home Shopping Club, a local channel shown on Vision Cable and Group W Cable in Pinellas County, Florida, and later became the Home Shopping Club. On July 1, 1985, the Home Shopping Network was a national shopping network that expanded three years later to be the first national shopping network, establishing the concept of televised sales pitches for consumer goods and services through its new name and name. In the following year, its competitor and future owner, QVC, was launched.

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Under the name Silver King Broadcasting, HSN opened a second network in 1986 that broadcast free-to-air on a number of television stations it had acquired. After HSN was
spun off from Silver King Broadcasting in 1992, Liberty Media acquired the network’s stock in the following year. Following the merger with Silver King Broadcasting in 1996, the station group was
sold back to Silver King Broadcasting, which was now
owned by Barry Diller, and changed its name to “HSN Inc.” once the merger was

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completed. In October 1997, under the leadership of Diller, HSN also acquired the USA Network, Sci-Fi Channel, and Universal Television, which resulted in the name HSN Inc. being
changed to USA Network Inc. The purchase was
finalized in February 1998.


In September 2000, Home Shopping Network changed its name from Home Shopping Network to HSN.

In 2006, Mindy Grossman was
named CEO of HSN. She has aggressively reinvented and relaunched the brand. She took HSN public in 2008, and has overseen the company’s multibillion-dollar retail portfolio and multi-platform expansion. Grossman left HSN in May 2017 to become president of Weight Watchers.

Mindy Grossman, former HSN CEO, stepped down from her position as CEO of Weight Watchers in April 2017. Earlier this year, Liberty Interactive announced that it would acquire the remaining 62% of HSN stock that it did not already own in order to acquire the company for its QVC Group. QVC CEO Mike George would be
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As of September 2018, HSN has partnered with Pickler & Ben to bring viewers of the show the “shop the show” feature that allows them to purchase featured items from HSN via the show’s website or

Bud Paxson

Known as Lowell White “Bud” Paxson (April 17, 1935 – January 9, 2015), Paxson was a prominent media executive in American history. In 1982, Paxson and his business partner, Roy Speer, co-founded the Home Shopping Club (now known as the Home Shopping Network). Later, in 1998, he founded Pax TV, a television network that focused on family-friendly programs.

qvc Shannon smith
qvc Shannon smith

Life and career of bud Paxon

it is a fact that Paxon was born in Rochester, new York, and he started his career as an owner of a radio station with a power of 500 watts located in the village of Newark. Following his first attempt at media ownership, he owned radio station WXYJ (AM 1340) and television station WNYP (channel 26) in Jamestown, New York. When Paxson bought the stations in 1966, he tried to affiliate WNYP with the Canadian CTV Television Network (the first for an American television station at the time); however, the TV station failed to succeed by 1969. The following year, Paxson established a small radio station called WWQT (1470 AM) in Clearwater, Florida, that eventually became the owner of the station.

There, in 1977, an advertiser had plenty of product to offer, avocado green-colored can openers, but he did not have sufficient funds to buy airtime to promote the product. As a result of Paxson’s instructions, talk-show host Bob Circosta, who had a talk show from noon until 3:00 p.m., sold the can openers live over the airwaves, and the two men were
amazed by the response of the audience. A total of 118 can openers were
sold within an hour on August 28, 1977, which was the beginning of the Suncoast International Bargainers Club.

qvc Shannon smith
qvc Shannon smith

after that…

As a result of Paxson and financier Roy Speer realizing the potential of live, on-air product sales, they founded a local cable television channel (channel 52 on Vision Cable) in 1982 that sold products directly to Florida viewers, and then launched it nationwide in 1985. In the beginning, it was
known as Home Shopping Club, followed by Home Shopping Network (currently known as HSN), and Paxson’s former radio host, Bob Circosta, hosted the network. It was not long before HSN became a billion-dollar juggernaut and ushered in the home shopping and electronic retailing industry. In 1996, the two sold their stake in HSN to Hollywood mogul Barry Diller.

As a result of this acquisition, Paxson formed Paxson Communications Corporation (currently known as Ion Media Networks) and purchased radio stations, TV stations, and billboards, primarily within Florida. Eventually, he sold those and put the money into PAX TV (currently known as Ion Television), a new network of family-friendly television shows. In addition to the fact that PAX TV was a Christian channel, Paxson spoke openly about his background as an evangelical Christian since 1985. PAX TV was
launched on August 31, 1998 by Paxson.


In the period between the sale of HSN and the foundation of PAX TV, Paxson moved his headquarters from Tampa to West Palm Beach during the period between the sale and the founding of PAX TV.

It is important to note, however, that the network was never able to compete with the other networks when it came to ratings or advertising revenue. Also, PAX TV lost a few affiliates, such as when Paxson sold the Dayton, Ohio, and Green Bay, Wisconsin, stations to ACME Communications to be
affiliated with The WB (although PAX TV programming continued to air overnight on these stations for a few years), and the network was unable to offer its programming in some markets, such as St. Louis, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh, since the stations were
owned by ACME Communications.

qvc Shannon smith
qvc Shannon smith

In November of 2005, NBCUniversal, which owned 22 percent of i TV, began a nine-month period in which it could buy the rest of the network during which PAX TV became “i: Independent Television”. It is possible that Paxson sensed that NBCU would do so, and that he was facing lawsuits regarding the operation of i, so he resigned from the company that he founded.

As a result, Paxson was
rebranded to Ion Media Networks, and NBCU executive R. Brandon Burgess was
appointed as the company’s CEO. At the same time, Ion Television was
rebranded to Ion Media Networks.

Personal life of bud Paxon

Both of Paxson’s first two marriages, to Jean Blauvelt and to Barbara Chapman, ended in divorce.

It was on New Year’s Eve 1986 that Paxson became a born-again Christian. After 25 years of marriage, Paxson married Marla Bright, who survived him. He had two sons from his first marriage and a daughter from his third marriage, as well as a stepdaughter from his third marriage. He died in Kalispell, Montana in 2015 at the age of 79.

QVC Shannon smith

Qurate Retail Group owns QVC (Quality Value Convenience) as a free-to-air television network and a flagship shopping channel that specializes in televised home shopping. The QVC network was
founded in 1986 by Joseph Segel in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States, and currently broadcasts to a total of 350 million households in seven countries, including channels in the UK, Germany, Japan, and Italy, as well as a joint venture with China National Radio in China
called CNR Mall.


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