Reasons to use Google

why use google chrome

Reasons to use Google

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why use google chrome
why use google chrome

There is no doubt that we all love Google and all its product line. Google understands us and our needs in the best way possible. Google has given us so easy to use products, which we now can’t live without. There is no day in our lives when we are not using at least one Google product.

Well, that’s what the biggest problem is. Google is there in almost all parts of our lives. Starting from when we wake up until we go to sleep. Google is even tracking us when we are in deep sleep.

Almost all the privacy paranoid (like us) do not use any of the Google Products. You can do too. However, in this article we will only focus on why you should stop using Google Chrome, how you can stop using it, what happens when you stop using Google Chrome. What kind of problems you will run into and how to overcome them.




10 Reasons Why Chrome is Better Than All Other Browsers

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Google chrome is one of the best things to have happened to the internet. It made sense to come up with the chrome browser as Google already controls a good amount of the web that can be accessed by normal users. What could be better than having a dedicated browser to browse pages that Google itself will show. The browser was launched in 2008.

why use google chrome
why use google chrome

Initially, the browser was made available for the Windows platform, but it was later ported to other platforms such as Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. There are many other internet browsers, but all of them seem to have some problem which annoys users. Chrome has always been supportive and comes up with features that are worth mentioning. Let us see the reasons that make Chrome a favorable browser despite so much competition.


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Why Chrome is Better Than All Other Browsers

1. Simplicity

The chances are high that you must be reading this post on a chrome browser itself. The google chrome browser has a very clean and minimal design. It has almost no fluff, and instantly you get a feeling that you are into something that helps you search the web very easily. When it comes to other browsers, they have not taken the user in mind and instead focus on making money by showing useless ads. While Chrome has an interface that appeals to people of all age groups.

2. Speed

Most of the browsers can open pages very quickly, but what matters the most is when you open heavy pages that contain stuff that has too many graphics and flash ads or a video. Google chrome opens such pages very quickly, almost in a blink. You won’t find this speed of opening pages in any other browser. Opera is a good competitor, but it has ruined the user experience in the long run. So when it comes to speed and optimization, nothing comes close to Google Chrome.

3. Security

Google has a lot of web-based products, and they have the best engineers by their side to control the internet and its services, which ensure that the updates to google chrome always carry security patches and bug fixes so that no malicious attempt is made to hamper the working of the browser. Other browsers have had a very poor record when it comes to updating the browser to tackle web attacks.

4. Appealing Apps

Google Chrome was one of the first browsers to have a dedicated store for buying stuff that could enrich the user experience. The chrome web store has tons of interesting things that are set to make things easy for you. There are loads of epic extensions and many other things as per your needs: some to track your usage, some to block ads, and whatnot. Any web-based developer would want to launch his app first at the google chrome store. It has apps that attract users.

5. Platform Independent

Just like internet explorer or edge is available exclusively for the windows system. Chrome is not bound by anything like that. You can find Chrome for almost all the devices where you can browse the internet. Chrome browser can be downloaded for Android smartphones, Linux based systems, windows systems, and also on Mac OS systems. It is platform-independent. It has a wider reach because of which people love it.

why use google chrome
why use google chrome

6. Market Share

Market share does not ever lie. If you look at the recent stats, you will find that Chrome is leading the market with 60% of the share, followed by other web browsers such as opera, safari, and firefox. The reason behind this could well be the trust that Google has instilled among the people, and also genuinely their product is way much better than the other browsers. Chrome has been there on the market since 2008, and any other web browser is yet to dethrone it from the title.

7. Quick Updates

With websites being made on new technologies and also sites carrying data that is only increasing, it becomes important for web browsers to have better compatibility. Google chrome is very nice in those terms. They roll out updates before anyone else does, and it helps users to have a butter-smooth experience of browsing the web. In other browsers, the updates do come, but they arrive too late, while in Chrome, they come first.

8. Easy Migration

Google Chrome has a great property of synchronization, which means if you are migrating from an old browser like internet explorer, then you can migrate the important stuff like your bookmarks. Also, the latest feature that has come is signing in your chrome browser, which has made accessibility even easier. Now you can carry your credentials like bookmarks and most visited sites with you. It is a more personalized experience now.

9. Extensions and Add-ons

Google Chrome was one of the first to support extensions. It later became like a marketplace where you could make extensions and then sell them. Other browsers do not have this facility because they have just one forte, which is to let the users browse the web. Chrome was among the first to make extensions that made the world know what all as an extra we can do with our browsers. There are tons of epic facilities such as Momentum and other exciting extensions.

Personally, we use extensions like Pocket to save links for offline reading, Alexa to check Alexa rank, Grammarly for writing, AdBlock Plus to block pop-ups/ads, Google Hangouts for chat, and many more.

10. Reboot Free Installation

In some browsers, when you install a particular extension or any other service than to make it run on the browser, you often need to reboot the whole browser or even sometimes the entire system. In Chrome, there is no such thing as a reboot for completing the installation. All you have to do is install, and without you having to get off the browser, you can begin using the web browser. It is very robust and has great compatibility.

Other Reasons

Cookies and Tracking are common problems across all the browsers and not only Chrome. Same as Cookie and Tracking, Incognito Mode is also common to all the browsers, but every browser uses a different term for the same. In Chrome it is called Incognito. Microsoft’s Edge or Internet Explorer browsers called it “InPrivate”. Mozilla’s Firefox call it “Private”.

Using Google Chrome browser gives an added advantage to Google for these factors. Let’s look at them in detail in the context of Google Chrome.


Every time you use Google’s Search, Google places a cookie on your computer. This cookie gives all the information Google needs to track everything about you. Collected information is then linked to your Gmail accounts that you have logged in to. The same information is not just linked with Gmail but with all the other Google products you use like YouTube, Google Maps, Google Photos, Any Android Phone including Google Pixel, Nest Thermostat, Google Home, Chromecast, and almost everything else.


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Even though you don’t use Google’s Search, but use Google Chrome, it can still track you everywhere. In case if you are not logged into your Google Account in Chrome browser itself, as soon as you log in to Gmail or any other Google services e.g. YouTube, Google knows exactly who you are.


Privacy Advocated are discussing privacy issues more than a decade now. Some people have definitely become smarter in using the Internet, so are the trackers like Google.

why use google chrome
why use google chrome

As Wikipedia explains, A device fingerprint, machine fingerprint, or browser fingerprint is information collected about a remote computer device for the purpose of identification. Fingerprints can be used to fully or partially identify individual users or devices even when cookies are turned off.


There are tons of different browsers, and almost every browser has some of the other features that make it unique, but when you combine all the stuff that is important while browsing the web, then Google Chrome is a clear winner. Go ahead and browse the web with Chrome for the best experience.

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