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Janice aldrin

Janice aldrin

Janice aldrin

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who is Janice aldrin?

Janice aldrin is lily aldrin’s mother and mickey aldrin’s ex-wife.

lily aldrin

There is a fictional character named Lily Aldrin on the CBS television show How I Met Your Mother. She is played by the American actress Alyson Hannigan. In addition to being married to Marshall Eriksen, Lily is the best friend of Ted Mosby, Robin Scherbatsky, and Barney Stinson. Lily is an amateur painter and a kindergarten teacher. She gets a job as an art consultant in season eight. She is also the only member of the original main cast of the series who has not appeared in every episode, as Alyson Hannigan had taken a leave after giving birth to her first child after giving birth to Lily.

Janice aldrin
Janice aldrin


As the creator of Marshall & Lily, Craig Thomas explained, he based Marshall & Lily on himself and his wife Rebecca. Rebecca was upset when she heard this, but was consoled by the fact that Alyson Hannigan had been chosen for the role (since she is a huge Buffy fan). After having worked on the American Pie series, Hannigan was looking for more comedy work, and was able to take on this role.

Character overview of lily aldrin; Janice aldrin’s daughter

a woman born March 22, 1978, Lilly Aldrin grew up in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York. She is the daughter of Janice Aldrin, a feminist, who worked two jobs to provide for her family and said that she was an individual with strong values. It is stated in the creator’s commentary that there is no evidence that Lily’s grandfather is Buzz Aldrin – and that her grandfather fought in the Korean War, just like Buzz Aldrin. A successful board game creator like Mickey (Chris Elliott) lives in his parents’ basement as Lily’s father, Mickey (Chris Elliott). Lily’s parents divorced when Lily was a child. As a result of her estrangement with her absentee father – who she says “broke my heart every day for 20 years” – Lily is expecting him to be there for her after the birth of her son.

after that…

A part of her teenage and teenage years, she was a member of the goth subculture, dyeing her hair and wearing stereotypical goth clothing. Her high school boyfriend, Scooter (David Burtka), was dumped on prom night by her, admitting she only dated him because he looked like Kurt Cobain. She met Marshall during her freshman year at Wesleyan University in 1996 and dated him throughout her college years. He still is obsessed with her to this day.

In 2010 Lily was 32 years of age, which means she was born around 1978. According to her résumé, she is fluent in Italian, certified in teaching English as a Second Language, and proficient in Photoshop, Quark, and Java.

Janice aldrin
Janice aldrin


Lily has made many statements about the fact that she needs regular sex, stating that if she didn’t have it for too long, she would be “out there selling it for a nickel”. She also seems to be more than passingly interested in other women, suggesting that she might be bisexual. She has confessed several times, although in a seemingly joking manner, that she finds Robin sexually attractive, and that she has experienced “confusing dreams” involving her. Robin, who is well aware of Lily’s attraction to her, says at one point in the book that she won’t go near Lily after she has consumed martinis because she will flirt quite a bit with her and even try to get the guys to dare her to make out with her. When Lily’s advances are exhibited, Robin alternates between ignoring them and being disturbed by them whenever they show up.

Lily can manipulate people and situations in such a way that she gets what she wants; in particular, she is adept at engineering breakups between couples she knows aren’t right for one another, or between couples she knows aren’t right for each other. Barney calls her a “diabolical puppet master” and a “pure evil”, while Ted labels her a “psychopath”.

lily aldrin’s Character history; daughter of Janice aldrin

it is
reported in the pilot episode that Lily and Marshall got
engaged in 2005. At the end of the first season, Lily reveals to Robin that she is having second thoughts about getting married. That is before she has experienced much else in life. After a while, those doubts begin to intensify, so she decides to apply for a painting fellowship in San Francisco based on those doubts. She is
accepted and, after arguing with Marshall on and off – with several pause breaks in between for drinks, dinner at Red Lobster, and sexual encounters – Lily finally says to Marshall that she cannot promise her return to him after the fellowship. After their breakup, she moved to San Francisco, and they broke up.

As soon as she returns to New York three months later, she confesses that leaving was a mistake. She begs Marshall to take her back, but Marshall cannot get over his wounded pride, and refuses. They eventually get back together, however, and resume their engagement. The two of them then married at the end of season two.

Janice aldrin
Janice aldrin

after that…

There is an indication in the third season that Lily is a shopaholic, and she goes shopping whenever something bad happens to her. Her multiple credit cards are
kept in a “box of shame” for the duration of the show. She and Marshall struggle with her credit card bills, especially when they wanted to buy an apartment together. Thus, Marshall is
left with no choice but to give up on his dream of becoming an environmental lawyer and accept a job at a large corporation instead. Once they have purchased the house, they are
surprised to discover that the neighborhood is
situated near a water treatment plant as well as a sewage treatment plant, and that the floor of their apartment is

During college, Lily, along with Ted and Marshall, occasionally indulge in “sandwiches” (Future Ted’s euphemism for marijuana) and at their 20th college reunion, Lily and Ted also indulge in some “sandwiches”.


When Barney realizes that he is in love with Robin, she is the only person he confides in when he is aware of his feelings. Lily forces Robin and Barney to confess their love in the fifth season, which she does by detaching the doorknob of Robin’s apartment and waiting for them to have “the talk”. To convince Lily to let them out, Robin and Barney pass notes under the door with vague explanations, but none of them satisfy her. They lie about being boyfriends and girlfriends in order to convince Lily to let them out. However, after they left the apartment hand-in-hand, Lily tells Ted that “they didn’t realize they weren’t lying” after they left the apartment hand-in-hand.

As Lily and Marshall are so
thrilled to be able to hang out with another couple, they invite Robin and Barney over for an evening together, which turns out awry; Lily and Marshall become clingy and dependent, which prompts Barney and Robin to “break up” with them. As a result, Barney and Robin realize that they miss Lily and Marshall and they want to be a foursome. Lily is
forced to “come out of retirement” in order to break up Barney and Robin’s relationship. After executing an elaborate plan to try and get them into a big argument, she fails, but they finally realize that they don’t work well together as a couple after all.

Janice aldrin
Janice aldrin


The group discovers that Lily has a doppelgänger named Jasmine, a Russian stripper. Lily is particularly
excited about this, and she is so
enthralled by her stripper twin that she and Marshall get into a private dance with him. At the end of the night, Lily switches places with Jasmine and dances on stage. Marshall is horrified when Lily falls into the crowd.

Throughout the sixth season of the show, Marshall and Lily try to get pregnant. Their first attempts, however, are unsuccessful, and they worry that they will not be able to conceive. They are
relieved when, at the end of the sixth season, Lily finally becomes pregnant. At the end of the seventh season, she gave birth to Marvin.

The eighth season begins with Lily taking on the role of an art consultant for a millionaire named “The Captain”, who eventually offers her a chance to move to Italy. While Marshall encourages her to accept the job, she refuses it,
as it conflicts with his work as an environmental lawyer. In the season finale, Marshall accepts a judgeship without telling her, putting her plans at risk. Marshall convinces her to take the job, though, and they move to Rome together.


During the final season, set during Barney and Robin’s wedding,
Lily learns about Marshall’s new job, which takes place during the wedding. When she learns that she is pregnant, she storms out, but returns and reconciles with Marshall. Marshall rejects the job, but agrees to go to Italy with her. After Lily gives birth to Daisy, there is a flash forward scene that reveals the birth of Daisy.

After the wedding, Lily and Marshall renew their vows to each other on the day of the wedding.

A few years later, Lily gives birth to a third child, a child whose name is unknown,
as revealed in the series finale, “Last Forever”. In spite of the fact that the group drifts apart over the years, Lily is there for all of the significant moments in their lives: Robin and Barney’s divorce, Barney’s daughter and Ted’s children’s births, and Ted’s marriage to The Mother (aka Tracy McConnell). Marshall goes on to become a State Supreme Court judge after his divorce, and she remains happy together with him.

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