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Yankee candle

Yankee candle

Yankee candle

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Yankee Candle

A major American manufacturer and retailer of scented candles, candleholders, accessories, and dinnerware, Yankee Candle is referred to as simply Yankee Candle. The company’s products are sold in thousands of gift stores throughout the country, through catalogs, and online, as well as in nearly 50 countries worldwide. With more than 260 small-box stores located in malls throughout 43 U.S. states and Ontario, the company is the largest candle manufacturer in the country, operating in 43 U.S. states and Ontario. Located in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, the company is headquartered in the United States.

there was an agreement between Jarden corporation and Yankee candle in the fall of 2013 that saw Jarden acquire Yankee candle for $1.75 billion. in 2015 Newell Rubbermaid announced that it would be acquiring Jarden for over $15 billion in cash and stock.

Yankee candle
Yankee candle

History of Yankee candle leaving qvc

It was in 1969, when Michael Kittredge, a native of Holyoke, Massachusetts, created the first scented candle he ever created, a candle made out of melted crayons, to give to his mother as a Christmas present in South Hadley, Massachusetts. His creations became increasingly popular with his neighbors, and Kittredge began producing them in large quantities in order to meet the demands of his neighbors. The company was founded with the help of Donald MacIver and Susan Obremski, who were friends with Kittredge in high school. Using earnings from his part-time job, MacIver was able to fund the start-up business.

As soon as Obremski’s father devised a “heated room”, which allowed liquid wax deliveries to the first factory site in Holyoke at lower costs, the candle industry boomed. The invention of the turntable taper wheel by Obremski enabled production to double and at the same time reduced the need for additional labor hours, resulting in a significant increase in production. It was during 1975 that she managed the first Yankee Candle Shop in South Hadley, which is now known as the Village Commons.

after that…

as the company grew, it moved to south Deerfield in 1983 and gradually expanded.

in 1993, Kittredge started handing over the company to a friend and employee after experiencing a cancer scare. in 1998, the company was sold to a new York-based private equity firmed called forstmann little for $500 million. forstmann took the company public in 1999, and for the next 2 years, he hired craig Rydin as CEO. in addition, Rydin launched a major advertising campaign for the line, and mass retailers linens-n-things and bed, bath and beyond picked it up, pushing sales to their highest levels. Kittredge remained the company’s chairman emeritus for the remainder of his career.

the Yankee candle company bought illuminations, a multi channel retailer of high quality candles and home accessories based in Petaluma, California, during the summer of 2006 for $1 million. although both companies were similar, the names were separated, with illuminations being aimed at a different demographic. the illuminations brand and web store were phased out in early 2009.

in February 2007, the company was acquired for approximately $1.6 billion by Madison Dearborn partners LLC, a private equity group that specializes in private equity investment.

Yankee candle
Yankee candle


Michael Kittredge, the founder of Kringle candle, created the candle company with his son Michael (mike) in an attempt to get back to high quality manufacturing.

as of October 2012, Yankee candle Europe launched their consumer direct website where consumers can purchase their products directly from Yankee candle Europe.If you are interested in knowing about the life of other celebrities like Marjorie Diamond, we have provided complete explanations about them in Sulcerin.

Jarden acquired Yankee candle in 2013 and as part of a further merger in 2016, Jarden was
acquired by Newell Rubbermaid and combined with the new Newell brands to form a new company.

the Woodwick brand of candles was
acquired by Newell brands in 2017 from smith mountain industries, which was
known for its high quality candles. Woodwick candles are now being
sold by Yankee candle as a premium brand. Woodwick candles contain wooden wicks that crackle when they burn and use a mixture of paraffin and soy wax that does not leave behind any residue or spatter.

Flagship store of Yankee candle leaving qvc

It is located in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, where Yankee Candle’s flagship store was
founded in 1982. All Yankee Candle products are available at the store, along with kitchen and home accessories, New England crafts, gifts, and collectibles, a toy shop, picnic areas, and “Bavarian Christmas Village”, a place where Christmas trees are
decorated and a toy train runs through to Santa Claus’s Workshop, where animated elves and an assembly line for wooden vehicles are
positioned around Santa Claus’ desk.

A special area is available for visitors to dip their own candles into wax, to make wax molds of their hands, or to create their own unique candles. It is also home to a candle making museum, and it is also home to a cafe called Hillside Pizza. The store was a great place for a child to visit because they could make their own candles, choose their own scents to mix and match, and make wax molds of their hands.

in 2005, a second flagship store was
opened in Williamsburg, Virginia, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. the Williamsburg store closed for good in April 2021 after having been open for nearly five years.

Yankee candle
Yankee candle

Outlet stores

Across the United States, Yankee Candle has a total of 55 outlet stores that sell its products.


The Yankee Candle Company is a manufacturer of a wide range of candles and accessories. They offer candles of various scents and sizes, scented wax tarts, candle accessories, votive candles (samplers),
votive candle holders, tart warmers, jar toppers (which can be
used with Housewarmer candles), reed diffusers,
Electric Home Fragrance units (scented wall plug-ins), car scents, room sprays, Good Air products, and more. Additionally, they occasionally release limited edition candles, such as ‘Chocolate Layer Cake’.


Social media users have noticed a correlation between the increase in reported COVID-19 cases and the negative reviews of Yankee Candle products since the outbreak of COVID-19. A group of individuals scraping review data found an increase in negative reviews for scented candles, and a rise in negative reviews for unscented candles, with a similar increase in negative reviews complaining of a lack of aroma. Unscented candles, on the other hand, did not exhibit this pattern at all.

it has been
suggested that the increase in positive cases of covid-19 is causing
more consumers to not be able to smell their scented candles.
this correlation has been
referred to as the “Yankee candle index”, because loss of smell is one of the symptoms of the disease.

Newell Brands

The Newell Brands company is a manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of consumer and commercial products in the United States. The company’s brands and products include Rubbermaid storage and trash containers;
home organization and reusable container products; Contigo and Bubba water bottles; Coleman outdoor products;
writing instruments (Berol, Expo Markers, PaperMate, Dymo, Mr. Sketch, Parker Pens, Sharpie, Reynolds, Prismacolor, Rotring, X-acto, Waterman)
glue (Elmer’s, Krazy Glue);
children’s products (Aprica, NUK, Tigex, Babysun, Baby Jogger and Graco);
cookware and small appliances (Calphalon, Sunbeam, Rival, Crock-Pot; Holmes, FoodSaver, Oster, Osterizer, and Mr. Coffee)
and fragrance products (Yankee Candle, Chesapeake Bay Candle, Millefiori Milano, and WoodWick).

in Atalanta, Georgia, the company has its global headquarters.

Yankee candle
Yankee candle


As a result, Newell Rubbermaid has been
criticized in the UK for closing down British factories, including those of Parker Pen,
and relocating them from Britain to Nantes, France, and China. They have also been
criticized for their handling of Toolmakers Berol, Record, and Marples.

It has been
criticized by the company Newell Sistema Products for requiring its workers to work in dangerous conditions in their Auckland,
New Zealand, factory during the outbreak, as well as locking down the factory without making sure the workers were
at an appropriate distance from each other or wearing appropriate personal protective equipment during the outbreak. After a visit by WorkSafe NZ, workers were
informed that they would not be
required to work for four weeks and would receive full pay as a result.

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