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confirmation ceremony

confirmation ceremony

Confirmation Ceremony

Hello and welcome to solsarin. Our discussion is “confirmation ceremony”. Please stay with us until the end of the text.

confirmation ceremony
confirmation ceremony


In Christian denominations that practice infant baptism, confirmation is seen as the sealing of the covenant created in baptism. Those being confirmed are known as confirmands. For adults, it is an affirmation of belief.

Catholicism and Eastern Christianity view confirmation as a sacrament. In the East it is conferred immediately after baptism. In the West, this practice is usually followed when adults are baptized, but in the case of infants not in danger of death it is administered, ordinarily by a bishop, only when the child reaches the age of reason or early adolescence. Among those Christians who practice teen-aged confirmation, the practice may be perceived, secondarily, as a “coming of age” rite.

In many Protestant denominations, such as the Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist and Reformed traditions, confirmation is a rite that often includes a profession of faith by an already baptized person. Confirmation requires by Lutherans, Anglicans and other traditional Protestant denominations for full membership in the respective church. In Catholic theology, by contrast, it is the sacrament of baptism that confers membership, while “reception of the sacrament of Confirmation is necessary for the completion of baptismal grace”. The Catholic and Methodist denominations teach that in confirmation, the Holy Spirit strengthens a baptized individual for their faith journey.

Confirmation is not practiced in Baptist, Anabaptist and other groups that teach believer’s baptism. Thus, the sacrament or rite of confirmation is administered to those being received from those aforementioned groups, in addition to those converts from non-Christian religions. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not practice infant baptism, but individuals can be baptized after they reach the “age of accountability”. Confirmation in the LDS Church occurs shortly following baptism, which is not considered complete or fully efficacious until confirmation is received.

There is an analogous ceremony also called confirmation in Reform Judaism. It was created in the 1800s by Israel Jacobson.

Why is confirmation so important?

In essence, it allows a baptized person to ‘confirm’ the promises which would make on their behalf at their – it shows they make their own, conscious decision to strengthen and deepen their relationship with God.

And the consequences of not being confirmed? Maybe not so great.

Some churches will refuse to marry people have not confirm, although this is not an absolute necessity. In fact some now prefer to waive it as a requirement, rather then feeling they have ‘coerced’ anyone into being confirming, for the the sole reason of being able to get married.

Someone who is not confirming however, would not be able to become a confirmation sponsor themselves, or perform some duties within the church.

confirmation ceremony
confirmation ceremony

At what age is confirmation?

Generally these days people will confirm when they are in the teenage years. The reason? At this age it assumes that the person can make their own, mature decision.

Confirmation shouldn’t be a formality, nor should the person be pressure by families or others. It should be a free choice and done seriously and with full commitment.

Some churches may still follow an older practice of confirmation of infants, although this would be rare.

What to wear to a confirmation?

Smart-casual is probably the quickest and easiest way to describe the dress code at a confirmation.

For men/boys think collared dress shirt with tie, plus a sports jacket depending on the season. You could also go with a full suit.

For women/girls, as is often the case, there is a little more freedom, although dresses are probably the safest bet. But maybe avoid open shoulders – although a confirmation is celebrating, it is not ‘party-time’.

For both sexes it would be best to avoid bright colors, and if possible don’t wear too much black.

Of course if in doubt, be sure to ask the person who invited you.

What happens during the Confirmation ceremony

Confirmation is not about maturity, it is about initiation.

‘God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” (Romans 5:5)

I invite you to recall something of the journey you probably made towards the day of your child’s Confirmation. You brought your child to the church to be baptised and started a journey of faith with them. In the presence of the priest and the Christian community, you promised to “keep the flame of faith alive in their hearts” (Rite of Baptism).

You promised “to be the first teachers of your child in the ways of faith” and the priest prayed that you would be “the best of teachers”. Godparents promised to support you in this vital role. Ever since then, you have been responsible for forming your child in faith by providing a Christian atmosphere in your home, teaching your child to pray, telling them about Jesus and bringing them to Mass.

Many people within the community have helped to prepare the candidates for Confirmation: parents, sponsors, priests, teachers, parish pastoral workers and the parish have been preparing the candidates and praying for them. The parish community is where the young people have absorbed faith through the various rituals celebrated over the years. The school community has journeyed with the children up to this point and it is a big day of celebration for them also.

confirmation ceremony
confirmation ceremony

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Confirmation is a special moment in a child’s or adult’s life as they continue maturing and growing in their faith. To celebrate and support them on their journey, create a beautiful and personalized confirmation invitation to send out to loved ones. The Creative Cloud Express digital design tools are easy to use with premade templates so you can customize and send the invitations within minutes.

Pick your favorite professionally designed invitation template and edit the text, graphics, colors, layout, and font for that personal touch. The confirmation invitations will look professional and beautiful to remind others of their special day.

The Steps of Confirmation

Here are the four main steps of Confirmation that we will be guiding our students through during this inquiry unit and throughout their preparation time.

‘The Sacrament of Confirmation often happens in the middle of a Mass; after the sermon and before receiving Communion (Eucharist).

Presentation of the candidate
The names of everybody to be confirmed are read out. Each one stands up so everyone can see and then goes to the Bishop at the front. (Click to see an enlarged photo in a new window)


The Renewal of Baptismal Promises 

Each candidate asks questions about what they believe. They promise to reject evil. These promises are like an enrollment in to the Catholic Church. It is a bit like joining a club, except that the promises affect the whole of a person’s life.

The Laying on of Hands

 The Bishop lays his hands on each of the candidates. This is to show them that they have the special job of living like Jesus would want and showing other people how to do the same. The hands are a symbol of the power and strength that will come to them through the Holy Spirit.



The Anointing with Chrism 

The Bishop says the candidate’s name. This can be a special confirmation name (normally a saint’s name) or the name they usually use.

The Bishop then draws the sign of the cross on the forehead of the candidate with the oil of chrism. This oil is an ancient sign of being chosen by God. It also use in baptism. The sign of the cross shows that the candidate is a child of God. Oil can be used to heal or to give strength.’

What is Catholic Confirmation?

Confirmation is a Sacrament in the Catholic Church in which the one who is confirming (confirmandi) receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the imposition of hand and anointing with oils by the bishop. It considers a sacrament of initiation which means that it brings you deeper into communion with the Church.

confirmation ceremony
confirmation ceremony

Best Confirmation Wishes for Congratulating Everyone

Confirmation is a great milestone that any Christian can achieve. It is our duty to wish people on their confirmation. Choose from our vast collection and wish your loved ones.

  • Congratulation on the confirmation. May you hold Jesus Christ forever in your heart and be able to make time for him amidst every chaos and peace.
  • Wishing you all god’s blessings on your confirmation day. May the belief in your heart in Jesus Christ grow strong with time and he saves you from sinners and sins.
  • May God bestow your life with happiness, devotion, blessings, and love like he fills the sky with stars and sunshine. Best wishes on your confirmation day.
  • We are sending you wishes on your confirmation day. Stay strong with your faith, stay away from the nonbelievers, and celebrate the love Jesus Christ had for us.

  • May you hold the love for Jesus Christ in your heart forever and spread it to everyone you meet in this lifetime. Congrats on your confirmation dear.
  • May you grow and become a strong and decent personality. Congratulation for confirmation
  • Here I am sending you my heartiest confirmation wishes on this special day. May God bless you with strength and luck and you stay always near to him.
  • Confirmation is the ceremony that conforms your association with Jesus. Congrats for growing, have a great day!
  • We wish you the heartiest congratulations and the best on this special day. May your confirmation make you hold onto the love of Jesus.
  • May the memory of this special day always stay with you and be your guideline along with the faith you have in your heart. Best Wishes.
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