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Cities in us below 4000 ft elevation

cities in us below 4000 ft elevation

Cities in us below 4000 ft elevation

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Cities in us below 4000 ft elevation


One of the most important geographical terms is elevation. Elevation describes how high or low a location is in relation to the mean sea level of Earth. It has many different uses, for example in architecture and town planning, and can have a direct influence on an area’s climate, with low elevation spots tending to have warmer temperatures and reduced chance of snowfall. Elevation is typically measured in feet or meters. Most locations have an elevation above sea level, but it is possible for some very low locations to have elevations lower than sea level. Hours/availability may have changed.

Lowest Elevation in the United States

Many major American citizens are located near coastal areas, meaning that they have relatively low elevations in general of around 500 feet (152 m) or less, but the United States features a vast array of landscapes, including many mountain ranges, canyons, high plains, and more, resulting in very different elevations from one state to the next. In general, the rule is that as one moves further inland, the average elevation will start to rise. The lowest states, for example, are Delaware, Florida, and Louisiana, which are all located on the coast and have large amounts of low-lying coastline.

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Lowest Elevation Point in the United State

The point with the lowest elevation in the United States is Badwater Basin, which is located in Death Valley, California. Badwater Basin is a large basin that contains some dry and wet areas, with a large pool of extremely salty water in one section.


The maximum length of the basin is 7.5 miles (12 km), while its maximum width is 5 miles (8 km). The lowest point is located in the western part of the basin and has an elevation of 279 feet (85 m) below sea level. It’s one of the lowest points in the entire world. The lowest point in the world is in the Dead Sea, which has an elevation of 1,391 feet (424 m) below sea level at its lowest point.


Badwater Basin is well known for its unique salt flats and their hexagonal honeycomb-style formations. Some plants and animals are able to live in the area, but Badwater Basin is very inhospitable to humans. The water is completely unsafe for consumption due to its high salt content and the flats are dangerous as they are filled with mud. In spite of this, Badwater Basin and Death Valley are still popular touristic spots, offering some truly unique views that cannot be replicated anywhere else on Earth.

Cities in us below 4000 ft elevation



Lowest Elevation City in the United States

The lowest city in the United States in terms of elevation is Calipatria, formerly known as Date City, in California. Calipatria is found in Imperial County in the southern part of California and covers an area of just 3.72 square miles. It has a population of around 7,500 people and an elevation of 180 feet (50 m) below sea level.


This makes it not only the lowest city in the United States, but also the lowest in the entire western hemisphere. Due to its unique elevation and location, Calipatria has a very hot desert climate with minimal rainfall and high temperatures for almost the entire year.


California is also home to the lowest census designated place in the United States. Furnace Creek, which is located in Death Valley, is a very small community in Inyo County. It has a population of barely two dozen people and an elevation of 190 feet (58 m) below sea level. It also has the distinction of being the site of the hottest recorded air temperature on Earth at 134°F (57°C).


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Lowest Elevation State in America

Lowest Elevation State in America

Despite being the home of many of the lowest points in the United States and western hemisphere, California is not the lowest state of all. Its mean elevation is actually relatively high at 2,900 feet (880 m). The state with the lowest average elevation is Delaware, which has a mean elevation of just 60 feet (20 m) above sea level. The highest point in the state of Delaware is the Ebright Azimuth, which has an elevation of 447 feet (136 m), while its lowest point is at sea level in the Atlantic Ocean.


The state with the largest elevation span, which is the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points in the state, is Alaska. The highest point in Alaska is Denali at 20,310 feet (6,190.5 m), while its lowest point is the waters of the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea, which are at sea level, giving it a total elevation span of 20,310 feet (6,190.5 m).


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Lowest Elevation in the United States


Attraction Spotlight: Death Valley National Park

Straddling the border between eastern California and Nevada, Death Valley National Park is a land of extremes. Set in a below-sea-level basin, Death Valley experiences extreme heat and steady drought in the summer and snow and rare rainstorms in the winter, creating a vast diversity of fauna and flora in one of the harshest landscapes in the world. Established as a national monument in 1933 and as a national park in 1994, Death Valley National Park is the most significant U.S.


The Park is made up of a variety of landscapes, ranging from low valley floors crusted with barren salt flats, deep and winding canyons, spring-fed oases that teem with wildlife, rolling dunes, and high, rugged, snow-capped mountains. Famous attractions in the Park include Titus Canyon, Badwater Basin’s salt flats, Telescope Peak Trail, the Devil’s Golf Course, and the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.


Cities in us below 4000 ft elevation


Attractions in the Park

Death Valley National Park’s 3.3 million acres encompass below-sea-level salt flats, mountain-size dunes, colorful sandstone canyons, and mysterious singing rocks. The lowest spot in the park is Badwater Basin, which rests at 282 feet below sea level, while the highest point is Telescope Peak, which soars to 11,049 feet above sea level.



Artist’s Drive is a scenic nine-mile road that offers beautiful vistas of the Amargosa Range’s sedimentary hills and their multi-hued palette of pinks, golds, greens, and lavender. Get the best sunset views of the folded and rippled Golden Canyon cliffs from Zabriskie Point, which offers a spectacular panorama of the many-hued badlands from a 100-yard-long paved trail.


The Ubehebe Crater is a half-mile-wide, 600-foot crater formed from molten lava meeting groundwater just over 300 years ago. The volcano has colorfully striped layers of orange and rusty sedimentary soil and can be viewed up close to a hiking trail that runs along the southwest rim towards several other craters, including Little Hebe.



The silky, rippled Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes are 100-foot high dunes that are easily accessible and offer breathtaking views at sunrise or sunset with long shadows and soft light making fantastic photo opportunities. The Dunes are home to rattlesnakes through so be aware.


Mosaic Canyon features polished marble narrows and colorful, slick rock embedded with multi-colored rock fragments known as Mosaic Breccia. One of the most popular scenic highlights of Death Valley, Mosaic Canyon can be explored on a hiking trail that ends at a dry waterfall.



Once part of a massive freshwater lake, Death Valley has Salt Creek, which is the last remaining remnant of this lake and home to the rare pupfish, a living fossil that evolved to survive when the lake’s water changed from freshwater to saltwater.


Things to Do

Death Valley National Park offers a variety of activities and things to do for the whole family, including exploring the Furnace Creek Visitor Center, visiting the Borax Museum, which tells the story of the history of borax in Death Valley and has an exciting mineral collection, and watching a 20-minute introduction film about the park in the Visitor Center.


Outdoor activities range from hiking, backpacking, and camping to mountain biking, birding, and sightseeing. Game rangers offer guided tours of the Park, along with nature walks, patio talks, and night programs.



Educational Programs

Death Valley National Park offers a variety of educational and community outreach programs for visitors of all ages, including adult’s classes, activities for children and families, Junior Ranger Programs, Junior-Ranger guided tours of the park, nature walks, patio talks, and night programs.



Nearby Attractions

Nearby attractions include the Amargosa River Natural Area, the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, the Borax Museum on Furnace Creek Ranch, the China Ranch Date Farm, the Eastern California Museum, the Goldwell Open Air Museum in Rhyolite Ghost Town, and the Manzanar National Historic Site. Other attractions worth visiting include the Tecopa Hot Springs and the Trona Pinnacles.



Visitor Information

Death Valley National Park is located in Death Valley near the border of California and Nevada and is open year-round. The Furnace Creek Visitor Center offers a variety of information about the park, various exhibits, and a 20-minute introduction film about the park, where visitors can learn more about the abundant cultural and natural resources of the park.


Cities in us below 4000 ft elevation

Attraction Spotlight: Rehoboth Boardwalk

Rehoboth Boardwalk is a 1-mile stretch of walkway beside the Atlantic Ocean in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This fun stretch of sand and boards is one of the state’s most popular attractions and walking this stretch of land is considered a must-do activity in Delaware.


The boardwalk is filled with restaurants, family amusement activities, shops, and businesses of every kind, which has led to Rehoboth Beach being named as the best family beach on the east coast. Finding a list of things to do on the Rehoboth Boardwalk is a breeze with the useful website compiled by Jack Casto and his team. The website, which has an extensive list of things to do and businesses located there, is a useful resource all under one roof.



Calipatria is found in Imperial County in the southern part of California and covers an area of just 3.72 square miles.

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What town has lowest elevation?

Baku is the world’s lowest lying capital city. Believe it or not, Baku sits 28 metres below sea level, which makes it the world’s lowest lying capital city. (In fact, it is one of only two capital cities with an elevation officially below sea level, the other being Amsterdam.)

Highest, Lowest, and Mean Elevations in the United States




Highest point



Lowest point



500 Cheaha Mountain 2,405 Gulf of Mexico Sea level
1,900 Mt. McKinley 20,320 Pacific Ocean Sea level
4,100 Humphreys Peak 12,633 Colorado River 70
650 Magazine Mountain 2,753 Ouachita River 55
2,900 Mt. Whitney 14,494 Death Valley ?2822
6,800 Mt. Elbert 14,433 Arkansas River 3,350
500 Mt. Frissell,
on south slope
2,380 Long Island Sound Sea level
60 Ebright Road,
Del.?Pa. state line
448 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
150 Tenleytown,
at Reno Reservoir
410 Potomac River 1
100 Sec. 30, T6N, R20W,
Walton County
345 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
600 Brasstown Bald 4,784 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
3,030 Puu Wekiu, Mauna Kea 13,796 Pacific Ocean Sea level
5,000 Borah Peak 12,662 Snake River 710
600 Charles Mound 1,235 Mississippi River 279
700 Franklin Township,
Wayne County
1,257 Ohio River 320
1,100 Sec. 29, T100N, R41W,
Osceola County
1,670 Mississippi River 480
2,000 Mt. Sunflower 4,039 Verdigris River 679
750 Black Mountain 4,139 Mississippi River 257
100 Driskill Mountain 535 New Orleans ?82
600 Mt. Katahdin 5,267 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
350 Backbone Mountain 3,360 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
500 Mt. Greylock 3,487 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
900 Mt. Arvon 1,979 Lake Erie 572
1,200 Eagle Mountain 2,301 Lake Superior 600
300 Woodall Mountain 806 Gulf of Mexico Sea level
800 Taum Sauk Mountain 1,772 St. Francis River 230
3,400 Granite Peak 12,799 Kootenai River 1,800
2,600 Johnson Township,
Kimball County
5,424 Missouri River 840
5,500 Boundary Peak 13,140 Colorado River 479
New Hampshire
1,000 Mt. Washington 6,288 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
New Jersey
250 High Point 1,803 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
New Mexico
5,700 Wheeler Peak 13,161 Red Bluff Reservoir 2,842
New York
1,000 Mt. Marcy 5,344 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
North Carolina
700 Mt. Mitchell 6,684 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
North Dakota
1,900 White Butte 3,506 Red River 750
850 Campbell Hill 1,549 Ohio River 455
1,300 Black Mesa 4,973 Little River 289
3,300 Mt. Hood 11,239 Pacific Ocean Sea level
1,100 Mt. Davis 3,213 Delaware River Sea level
Rhode Island
200 Jerimoth Hill 812 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
South Carolina
350 Sassafras Mountain 3,560 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
South Dakota
2,200 Harney Peak 7,242 Big Stone Lake 966
900 Clingmans Dome 6,643 Mississippi River 178
1,700 Guadalupe Peak 8,749 Gulf of Mexico Sea level
6,100 Kings Peak 13,528 Beaverdam Wash 2,000
1,000 Mt. Mansfield 4,393 Lake Champlain 95
950 Mt. Rogers 5,729 Atlantic Ocean Sea level
1,700 Mt. Rainier 14,410 Pacific Ocean Sea level
West Virginia
1,500 Spruce Knob 4,861 Potomac River 240
1,050 Timms Hill 1,951 Lake Michigan 579
6,700 Gannett Peak 13,804 Belle Fourche River 3,099
United States
2,500 Mt. McKinley (Alaska) 20,320 Death Valley (California) ?2822


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