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who was bruce springsteen’s first wife?

who was bruce springsteen's first wife?

who was bruce springsteen’s first wife?

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who was bruce springsteen's first wife?
who was bruce springsteen’s first wife?

who was bruce springsteen’s first wife

Julianne Phillips
She first attracted attention for becoming the first wife of Bruce Springsteen and later for her role as Francesca “Frankie” Reed on the television drama series Sisters (1991–1996).

what was bruce springsteen’s first wife’s name

Julianne Phillips
Years active 1982–1997
Spouse(s) Bruce Springsteen ​ ​ ( m. 1985; div. 1989)​

who was bruce springsteen married to first

Julianne Phillips is a former model and actress. She is also recognized for being the first wife of American musician Bruce Springsteen. Bruce and his wife were only married for three years. Julianne is also famous for her roles on popular TV shows and films such as Sisters, Fletch Lives, and Big Bully.

whatever happened to bruce springsteen’s first wife

Bruce Springsteen and Julianne Phillips‘ relationship

Their relationship did not last long as Phillips filed for divorce in August 1988. However, their separation was not made public. Bruce Springsteen’s divorce settlement was finalized on 1st March 1989. Bruce was significantly affected by the divorce.

Where Is Bruce Springsteen’s First Wife Now?

Bruce Springsteen is one of the most legendary musicians of all time, but prior to the release of his 2016 autobiography, Born to Run, little was known about The Boss’s personal life. In particular, The Vintage News notes that Springsteen opened up about the breakdown of his first marriage from actress and model Julianne Phillips, as well as his subsequent marriage to bandmate Patti Scialfa, with whom he has three kids (including a daughter, Jessica). Springsteen and Phillips tied the knot in 1985, with the singer describing their first meeting evocatively, noting, “She was twenty-four, tall, blond, educated, talented, a beautiful and charming young woman.”

Springsteen describes being riddled

However, although they were smitten with each other, Springsteen describes being riddled with anxiety immediately following the wedding, admitting he wasn’t ready to commit as, prior to Phillips, his relationships only lasted two or three years maximum. The Boss describes the marriage as lacking emotion, blaming the rage he’s suffered with for most of his life as the primary reason he couldn’t fully allow himself to be loved by romantic partners. They inevitably divorced in 1989.

who was bruce springsteen's first wife?
who was bruce springsteen’s first wife?

Springsteen’s first wife preferred privacy to public life

As Entertainment Weekly reported in 1997, Phillips demanded a no-talk divorce settlement when she and Springsteen split officially, choosing instead to focus on honing her craft. “I took two years off and said, ‘I’m not working till I graduate,”‘ Phillips subsequently explained of her decision-making process. Her biggest role subsequently was as Frankie Reed in Sisters, on which she appeared for five seasons from 1990 to 1995. Elsewhere, Phillips featured in Skin Deep, Fletch Lives, and Sweet Lies, as well as TV movie Tidal Wave: No Escape, which was her last credit back in 1997, along with Allie & Me that same year. According to IMDb, the actress and model was attached to an untitled project with comedian Howie Mandel back in 2003 but it doesn’t appear to have come to fruition.

Affair Post notes the actress retired from acting

A piece by Affair Post notes the actress retired from acting many years ago and no longer appears in public, though it also claims she featured in documentary Intimate Portrait, which was about her Sisters co-star Sela Ward, in 2001. Phillips also featured alongside all three of her former co-stars from the show on NBC’s Today back in 2014, for a mini reunion in celebration of an EW special edition on Sisters. Otherwise, however, Phillips seems to be keeping mostly to herself these days. It’s unsurprising, really, since she told The Morning Call all the way back in 1989, “My private life is my private life and I hold it very dear to me. I know the public wants to know about things, but that’s my private life.”

Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter Jessica Has Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

Few people are more famous and well respected than iconic American musician Bruce Springsteen, also known as The Boss. The Jersey-born legend, who married E-Street Band member Patti Sciafla in the early 1990s, has been a voice of America for decades — and his career is still going strong. You’d hardly believe how old he and his wife are looking at this Instagram post!

While Springsteen and Sciafla have been rocking and rolling over the years, their daughter, Jessica, has been growing into a beautiful young woman. She’s been making headlines for quite some time now, mostly due to her seriously amazing equestrian skills.

So what was life like growing up as the daughter of rock and roll royalty? How did her childhood affect her adult interests and talents? And what is Jessica planning for her future? Here’s everything we know about Jessica Springsteen, who’s clearly grown up to be gorgeous.

Growing up in ‘horses’ heaven’

Jessica Springsteen’s formative years were spent on Stone Hill Farm, her family’s 300-acre estate that she refers to as “horses’ heaven.” But horses aren’t the only animal that you’ll find on the family farm, according to CNN. “We have some goats, some chickens, and we used to have pigs,” she shared in an interview. And that’s not all! “There used to be two ostriches as well, but they were a little bit violent, so we had to give them away.” Violent ostriches? Really?

Fortunately, other farm residents sound like they were a bit more laid-back. “When we were little, we used to play with the goats all the time. We each had our own little goat and we’d go and run around with them,” she continued. Who doesn’t want to play with baby goats? Springsteen also added that back in the day, they had a lot more animals around than they do as of late. That sounds like a wonderfully idyllic childhood.

Born to ride

Jessica Springsteen may have enjoyed chasing goats around as a kid, but it was another animal that truly captured her heart: horses. That she might have inherited, in part, from her mother. “My mum had always wanted to ride so we moved to a farm in New Jersey,” she revealed in an interview with CNN. “She started taking lessons and then I also wanted to start.” After that, she never wanted to miss a lesson — she was hooked.

who was bruce springsteen's first wife?
who was bruce springsteen’s first wife?

It also helped that the farm was super close to Beacon Hill Show Stables, a training center that Springsteen calls “one of the best for junior riders in the country,” according to CNN. That meant she was getting top-notch equestrian training right out of the gate. After that, her next steps organically fell into place. “I kind of naturally began competing, and I never stopped,” she told Horsalot. Sounds like the equestrian life was simply her destiny.

Her childhood heroes

There was no shortage of world-class horseback riders for Bruce Springsteen’s daughter to observe and emulate while she was growing up. To this day she recalls how they had a real impact on her. “Growing up watching, you know, Laura Kraut, Beezie Madden, McLain Ward — you know, it seemed so far away, like what they were doing,” Jessica Springsteen recalled in an interview with Horsealot. “So it’s cool now to be competing in the same classes as them since I grew up watching them.” That has to be both exciting and surreal at the same time.

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